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Press Release: The Wizard of Oz Meets the Climate Crisis!

A reimagining of the classic tale makes climate change ‘fun’ for all ages.

Sydney, Australia, 3 May 2021 – There is a pressing need to tell more stories in popular culture that tackle climate change, so where are they? The Wizard of O2 is a newly-released comic book that reimagines the much-loved tale for a 21st century adventure in science and magic, making space for humor and hope in the face of the climate crisis. It’s created by Quentin D. Young, a climate storyteller and emerging screenwriter who writes entertaining and innovative stories to help bring the climate crisis to wider audiences.

To reach as many people as possible, The Wizard of O2 was originally written as a speculative screenplay for animation studios like Disney and Pixar, with development support from the Natural Resources Defense Council’s (NRDC) climate storytelling initiative. The comic book adaptation has now launched on’s new Climate Stories Hub, together with an NRDC call-to-action to help protect our climate by saving one of Earth’s major forests. Head here for more details:

"A modern fairy tale that shakes up the genre... Well written and beautifully illustrated... It is most importantly about the vital necessity for truth in our society, from the family values of telling the truth to your parents, to the much broader implications of accepting lies and lying to ourselves... An empowering story with a great message."

– Alana Jessop, Spierigfilm

The Wizard of O2 is currently available as a digital comic for US$2.99, and a portion of profits will be donated to the Fridays For Future youth climate movement. It can be purchased from major outlets including Amazon’s Comixology, Apple Books and Google Play, or directly from the publisher, Truth/Dare Media:

Truth/Dare Media is a storytelling startup that brings important stories to the world through popular entertainment. For review copies of The Wizard of O2, please email a request to:

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