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  • A dream lore for the Anthropocene – the Era of Humans.


    It's another dreary day in Cradlewood High when Erin Gunner cops detention for giving the class clown, Rosco, a well-deserved dead arm.


    But their lives take an amazing turn when a new guy shows up in school. Going only by 'Zulu', he reveals that he's a time-traveler fighting to save his home: a peaceful, green city in a climate-engineered future.

    ​How will Zulu try to change the 'past'? Why is he asking Erin, of all people, to help him? And does it have something to do with a dream she's been having?

    An original graphic novel, Dreamstormer is an adventure through time that interweaves science-fiction, historical drama and ancient myth to tell a timely tale about humanity's place in the world.



    "The concept of time-traveling via dreams to save the world is intriguing..."

    - Maddie Breeland, Walt Disney Studios


    "A visionary concept - truly remarkable... This has the power to inspire young people to dream and envisage the future they want for themselves, and that is completely invaluable. A story that needs to be told today."

    - Alana Jessop, Spierigfilm

    Dreamstormer: Volume 1 (Original Graphic Novel)

    • Format

      Digital (zipped PDF)

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    • Price

      US Dollars

    • Social Good

      A portion of profits from this book will be donated to action on the climate crisis.

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