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  • A dream lore for the Anthropocene – the Era of Humans.


    Follow Erin, Rosco and Zulu's adventure in the Dreaming, where all human dreams are connected across time. Where historical heroes live on alongside mythological monsters. And where nothing is as it seems...

    An original graphic novel, Dreamstormer is an adventure through time that interweaves science-fiction, historical drama and ancient myth to tell a timely tale about humanity's place in the world.



    "The concept of time-traveling via dreams to save the world is intriguing..."

    - Maddie Breeland, Walt Disney Studios


    "A visionary concept - truly remarkable... This has the power to inspire young people to dream and envisage the future they want for themselves, and that is completely invaluable. A story that needs to be told today."

    - Alana Jessop, Spierigfilm

    Dreamstormer: Volume 2 (Original Graphic Novel)

    • Format

      Digital (zipped PDF)

    • Pages


    • Size


    • Price

      US Dollars

    • Social Good

      A portion of profits from this book will be donated to action on the climate crisis.

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