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  • Dolores loves to make things up and have fun... until it lands her in hot water with Dad!

    ​When she accidentally melts the ice samples in his laboratory, Dolores wishes she was somewhere far away from her troubles. But her wish soon comes true, transporting her to a strange yet familiar land ruled by a terrible, oxygen-making Wizard. And before he'll let her return home, she must first destroy the Wicked Weather of the West!

    ​The Wizard of O2 is a single-issue comic for kids and grown-ups alike, bringing readers back to the Land of Oz for a 21st century adventure in science and magic.



    "It's perfect... One of the most wholesome adventures I’ve read... A beautiful, wholesome story reminiscent of Disney tales. ★★★★★"

    - Shane Syddall, COMX


    "Young creates an enduring story that, despite the troubles the characters have, will have you smiling some as you read... Lins' art is absolutely perfect, especially for the more comical aspects of the story... A delightful take on the classic tale of 'The Wizard of Oz'... Be sure to grab a copy and enjoy it with family!"

    - Rob Wrecks, Indie Comix

    The Wizard of O2 (Digital Comic)

    • Format

      PDF (zipped)

    • Pages


    • Size


    • Price

      US Dollars

    • Social Good

      A portion of profits from this book will be donated to action on the climate crisis.

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